Francesca Natali

Francesca Natali

Francesca Natali is a shareholder and board member at META Group (MG). From 2005 she is a Managing Director of META Ventures (MV), the financial company of META Group managing in Italy Poland and Slovenia public-private co-investment risk capital funds.

Since its inception Ms Natali managed all the activities of MV: fundraising among private investors over 25 million euro, actively engaging in deal flow generation, scouting, investment and divestment selection, administrative and control functions. As an Investment Director, she seats in the board of directors of MV portfolio companies. She has a deep experience knowledge on key features and regulation of EU financial instruments, having worked for the European Commission and other important international donors (EIB).

She has been appointed into the Regional Investment Committee of Venture Capital Fund by Regione Basilica Basilicata. From 20015 she a member of Venture Capital Commission. at AIFI –Italian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital. She is member of the screening committee of Women 4 Angels, the leading Italian female business angel club.

Key Speaker and testimonial at panel discussions on Entrepreneurship, finance and innovation, member of business plan competition in universities.

Ms Natali graduated cum Laude in Economics and Banking at Siena University with a master’s degree in International Business Communication.