About us

We are creating an innovative business environment

Since 1991, Inkubator d. o. o. Sežana has been providing services to support business and development in the local and regional environment, building an innovative business ecosystem.

Building a business ecosystem

We are a support organization for innovative prospective entrepreneurs and start-ups

  • We help prospective entrepreneurs develop and evaluate their ideas, and offer advice in starting their company.
  • We advise start-ups on devising new business models and penetrating new markets.
  • We offer consulting and mentoring services in product development, process organization, promotion, communication, marketing, information and communication technologies, internationalization and staffing, as well as legal, tax and financial advice.
  • We encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in young adults.


Company history

Establishment of Inkubator Sežana
The premises of the former ISKRA factory become the venue for the development of entrepreneurship. The first three companies join Inkubator.
Inkubator expands
With an increasing number of companies joining and asking for business support services Inkubator’s premises are becoming too small.
Mature companies move house
The first mature companies leave their premises in Inkubator to new companies, building their business premises in the business zone.
Construction of the Business Innovation Centre (BIC)
The new Business Innovation Centre provides 3.000 m2 of new business premises for Inkubator.
Renovation of the old Inkubator
With the renovation of the former Iskra factory Inkubator Sežana gained 13 additional business premises.