The project’s innovative approach to tackling the challenges of underutilised cultural heritage envisages the creation of new, cross-border tourism products integrated in the new Cross-Border Myth Park with a series of services facilitating economic growth and the development of a sustainable tourism model.

The revitalized heritage will boost the development of small businesses in these regions by opening up opportunities for creating green jobs and jobs for young people. Reviving the mythic traditions, i.e. the intangible cultural heritage of the locations in the newly established Cross-Border Myth Park, the new tourism products will be a welcome addition to the current tourism products and services available.

The project will tackle the problem of underutilized heritage through direct measures for the evaluation and increased visibility of the cross-border park as a whole. The restored locations will serve as a platform for creating new tourism products that will provide a wide range of services and animation programmes for children and adults of all ages by sustainably utilizing the opportunities offered by the territory through outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and horse-riding.

The participating locations in the regions of the Hrpelje-Kozina and Mošćeniška Draga municipalities will be integrated into the Cross-Border Myth Park, which will receive a unified image. Standard signboards will be replaced with new, innovative approaches to signage, such as stone elements (markers) that do not pollute the environment.

One of the innovations in presenting the locations to park visitors is offering them, when they visit one of the two locations, a virtual presentation of its counterpart, inviting them to pay a physical visit also to the other location. An innovative mobile application for park navigation will be available to visitors eager to discover the paths and stories of the myth park on their own.

The selected comprehensive approach is an innovation in the current cross-border offering. Theme parks of this kind are unique in Europe, where remnants of pre-Christian mythic traditions (especially in Western Europe) have largely been lost.

Lead Partner:

Hrpelje-Kozina Municipality

Project Partners:

Project duration: 1. 9. 2018 – 28. 2. 2021

Project budget: EUR 745,050.00

The MYTH PARK project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Cooperation Programme Interreg V–A Slovenia – Croatia 2014-2020.